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Ikirun LGA Medical CDS Educates FIB School Students on Health.

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  • Ikirun LGA Medical CDS Educates FIB School Students on Health.

The Medical Community Development Service (CDS) group Ikirun LGA in Osun State embarked on a significant sensitization program at Funmilayo Ige Baderinwa School, Ikirun, aimed at educating students on critical medical issues. Led by volunteers, the session delved into crucial topics including Blood Group, Rhesus Factor, Rhesus Incompatibility, Genotype, and Sickle Cell Disease.

During the sensitization, students gained insights into various blood groups, their significance, and the implications of the Rhesus Factor. Exploring the concept of Rhesus Incompatibility, its impact and potential solutions. Additionally, the discussion highlighted the different genotypes and favorable pairings to consider in marriage.

Addressing the pressing issue of Sickle Cell Disease, the presentation detailed its causes, and manifestations, such as avos-occlusive crises characterized by bone pain and swelling, and available treatment and preventive measures.

The session concluded with a gesture of support, as the Medical CDS group generously donated sanitary pads to senior female students, emphasizing the importance of menstrual health and hygiene.

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