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Parent-School Synergy: Nurturing Balanced Students

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Funmilayo Ige Baderinwa School
August, 2023 Newsletter
Dear Parents/ Guardians


All thanks and adoration to God Almighty for the successful completion of the session. The ride was bumpy with many ups and downs. Thankfully, these did not hamper the aims of the school.

To our indefatigable and ever- responsive parents, a million thanks for not failing in your financial commitment to the school and ensuring that your wards had the necessary materials to study in the school. God in His infinite mercies will continue to supply your needs in Jesus name amen.

As we prepare for a new session by September 2023, the school calls for a parent-school synergy to consolidate the parents’ expectations with the school’s vision and mission. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”; therefore, dear parents, you are enjoined to see the school personnel as co-parents in the training and nurturing of your wards.

The school will continually ensure that our students are not only academically grounded but also morally and spiritually sound to confront the uphill task of advanced schooling and adulthood. To do this effectively, parents are to make certain that their wards obey the school’s rules and regulations which will in turn make them disciplined now and later in life. Aiding students in flouting the school’s rules and regulations makes the students undisciplined and unruly, and projects the message that parents support their wards’ offences which negates the overall intention of raising a disciplined, godly and cultured generation of students.

Also, there’s need for parents to cooperate with the school in correcting students’ unacceptable behavioural traits. When a student is punished for engaging in any unlawful act as defined by the school, dear parents, please do not deem it as an attempt to witch-hunt the student involved or to attack the student’s parents for negligence but as an attempt to avert an irreparable consequence.

Parents are to work with the school in monitoring their children’s academic progress. It is important that at the beginning of each term, the students’ notes and textbooks are checked, assignments and tests are followed up. Teachers should be consulted in case of any weakness or challenge observed by the parents. These actions will help the students to sit up, be more studious, confident and determined to succeed because there’s someone at home concerned and checking them.

In conclusion, collaborating with the school is now more important than ever before as students live in a decadent and absolutely polluted society and it is therefore imperative that parents are on the same page with the school with regard to disciplining, monitoring and correcting of their wards. It is the school’s prayer that these demanding and time-consuming efforts will not be unrewarded! I pray that none of your expectations over these future stars be cut short. Amen

This term was lively and fun packed. Thanks to all our parents

RESUMPTION:- By the special grace of God, the School will resume for the first term of the 2023/ 2024 session on Monday 18th September, 2023. Boarders are, however, expected to resume on Sunday 17th September, 2023.

ASSIGNMENT: All assignment will be on our page and are to be submitted first week of resumption.

PUNCTUALITY: Attendance at the assembly is compulsory. Lateness to school will not be condoned. Parents/Guardians should ensure their wards get to school before 7:20am.

ADMISSION: Admission is ongoing for JSS1-2 and SS1-SS2 classes respectively. Give your child the best gift of quality education.

Entrance exam 11th August, 2023
And every Friday by 8:00am

LAPTOPS: Parents are encouraged to buy laptops for their wards, especially, those in JSS 2 -SS3 Secondary Schools for their ICT practicals.

SLOW LEARNERS: Having any concerns about your ward’s performance? Reach out to us. We have positive solutions to your challenge!

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: All learners are expected to put on the right shoes, socks and wears as expected for each day.

HEALTH AND SAFETY REMINDER: No sick child is allowed to be brought to school. Kindly ensure such a one stays at home for proper treatment till fully recovered.

Welcome Test
Orientation for new intakes
General Orientation
Debates and Quiz held on class basis
Inter- class football competition
Craft activities
Science Day
Commercial Day
Asa Day

for all classes, Summer school is just 3000 for 4 weeks and is compulsory for JSS3 and SS 3 EXTENSION CLASSES


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