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Ikirun LGA Medical CDS Educates FIB School Students on Health.

The Medical Community Development Service (CDS) group Ikirun LGA in Osun State embarked on a significant sensitization program at Funmilayo Ige Baderinwa School, Ikirun, aimed at educating students on critical medical issues. Led by volunteers, the session delved into crucial topics including Blood Group, Rhesus Factor,

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Building Trust In Science

What is science? Science is a rigorous, systematic endeavor that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the world. The coverage comprises authoritative, highly accessible information on the very latest terminology, concepts, theories, techniques, people, and organizations relating to all areas of

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Parent-School Synergy: Nurturing Balanced Students

Funmilayo Ige Baderinwa SchoolAugust, 2023 NewsletterDear Parents/ Guardians THE NEED FOR PARENT-SCHOOL SYNERGY IN RAISING AND NURTURING BALANCED STUDENTS All thanks and adoration to God Almighty for the successful completion of the session. The ride was bumpy with many ups and downs. Thankfully, these did not

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End of The Term Bulletin

FUNMILAYO IGE BADERINWA SCHOOL (FIBS), OBAAGUN. FIRST TERM 2018 – 2019 SESSION END OF THE TERM BULLETIN Tel: 09035846499,08033915889,08162090909 Email: Website:- Dear Parent / Guardian, The school is going on vacation for the First term on Friday 21st December, 2018 marking the end of

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Explain the following i. Spyware ii. Security breaches iii. Plagiarisms iv. Piracy v. Malware vi. Internet fraud vii. Hexadecimal viii. Hacking ix. Gather ware x. Cyber crime xi. Computer worm xii. Computer virus xiii. Semantic error xiv. Syntax error xv. Logical error xvi. Spreadsheet package

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PTA Meeting!!!

Please be informed that the above named school PTA meeting will comes up today Thursday 8/11/2018 @ 11am prompt. Please Be punctual PTA Secretary For the management

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First Term 2018 – 2019 Session Mid – Term Bulletin

FUNMILAYO IGE BADERINWA SCHOOL (FIBS), OBAAGUN. Tel: 09035846499,08033915889,08162090909 Email: Website:- Dear Parent/Guardian, The school is going on a TWO-DAY mid- term break today Friday 9TH and Monday 12TH November., 2018 marking the end of the first half of the term Boarders are expected back

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Send the assignment to my emailbox to be signed by with your name and admission number. what is docker state any four examples of a spreadsheet package what is workbook and state two element of workbook state four basic categories of tools in graphics packages.

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